When Should I Start Thinking About a Facelift?

When Should I Start Thinking About a Facelift?

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Changes in our facial appearance are a function of many factors.  Aging is certainly what comes to mind first, but loss of skin elasticity can occur prematurely as function of one’s genetics and skin care.  Neck skin may start to hang and muscle bands may become more prominent.  Jowls become heavier.  Localized fat deposits under the chin may also result in a less streamlined neck profile and this is often not age related.  With loss of facial volume, folds become deeper.  There is not a set age when these changes start to occur and certainly when they become of concern is an individual matter.

Facial surgery can be conservative but results may be dramatic.  Performed earlier on, the procedures may not need to be as extensive to achieve the desired results.  Older patients may benefit from a more definitive approach.  The modern facelift and necklift procedures typically include tightening of the tissues beneath the skin to create a more contoured appearance and a more lasting effect.  Excess skin is removed and muscle bands of the neck are addressed.  Other procedures, including eyelid lifts, are often done in conjunction with the facelift.

Nonsurgical options, such as fillers, Botox®, and skin and laser treatments may either complement surgical results or help delay one’s desire for more aggressive treatment.  This is best addressed at the consultation with your plastic surgeon.

The face and necklift procedures are typically performed under a local anesthetic with sedation, allowing for a comfortable pain-free nap, and a quick recovery from anesthesia.  It is done on an outpatient basis.  Overnight facilities or at-home overnight nursing care is available.

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