Palm Beach Facelift – Is Traditional Or Minimal Right For You?

Palm Beach Facelift – Is Traditional Or Minimal Right For You?

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When one considers alternatives for facial rejuvenation, surgery may play an important role. There are many more options one can choose from today compared to decades ago including Liposuction, Laser Resurfacing, Injectable Fillers, Neuromodulators such as Botox®  or Xeomin®,  Kybella® for fat reduction under the chin, and Chemical Peels such as the VIPeel®  just to name a few.

New Age Facial Surgery

For many patients, this wide selection of New Age Facial Surgery has been beneficial. However, when excess loose skin is part of the problem on hand, nothing gives a more dramatic improvement than a full Palm Beach Facelift. Patients have become more educated over the years and more of them are taking advantage of both the surgical and non-surgical approaches to thwart the aging process.

Minimal Facelift versus the Traditional Facelift

When one thinks of a Palm Beach facelift and reads about it online, one finds many different descriptions popping up from the highly promoted minimal facelift to the traditional facelift. However, what is the difference?


Facelift surgery in West Palm Beach Florida

The March of Time

The internet has become one of the most obvious places to look when in need of an answer –it is filled with thousands of questions, reviews, and answers regarding these procedures with its variety of names. These facelift procedures are also known as a mini or minimal facelift procedures.

All the hype and information connected with this procedure and all the dollars spent on advertising this procedure still does not change the fact that a traditional facelift remains the gold standard for optimal results.

Dr. Wisnicki has performed a great many facelifts over years of practice.   Cases of  dissatisfied patients who had undergone an advertised minimal facelift elsewhere were not uncommon. This could have been due to the background of the practitioner doing the procedure as well as unrealistic promises and expectations resulting in disappointment.

History of the Minimal Facelift

The minimal facelift dates back to the early years of facelifts and the procedure that plastic surgeons used before the development of most longer-lasting facelifts performed by highly qualified surgeons like Dr. Wisnicki today.

The contemporary, traditional facelift is an evolved procedure providing a longer-lasting and more comprehensive result and may include a more extensive incision with scars predominantly camouflaged by the hair.  This allows the surgeon to sculpt the tissues found in the neck, face, and jowls.  Skin as well as the deeper layers of the face are lifted and unsightly neck muscle bands may be reduced or eliminated.

A commercially presented minimal facelift may rely on a procedure of smaller incisions with minimal skin removal and limited tightening.  This may be effective for some people. However, no patient is standardized and each one has different needs as each person ages differently. That is why patients need a thorough evaluation when thinking of having a facelift done.

Consider The Following

When you find yourself contemplating a facelift Dr. Wisnicki recommends the following:

Do not be fooled by advertising –  a minimal facelift not not address all issues of concern such as your neck – one of the most important advantages of a full lower facelift.

Always understand the procedure you are considering– for a 40-year-old a more limited facelift may provide great results, but the same cannot be said for older individuals.

Choose your surgeon wisely.  Dr. Wisnicki is a qualified Board Certified West Palm Beach facelift surgeon who has distinguished himself over many years of practice.

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