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Facelift Surgery and Necklift Surgery Florida

Facelift and necklift techniques are designed to counteract the effects of aging and gravity.  Loose facial and neck skin may result from loss of tissue elasticity over time, weight loss, and genetic factors.  Hanging jowls and the so-called “turkey neck” may start to become apparent.  Muscle bands in the neck may become obvious.  These are common issues for both men and women.

Removal of extra skin and tightening of the underlying tissues may offer a dramatic improvement in contour of the face, jawline, and neck.  This may be combined with fat removal under the chin as needed.  Incisions are placed along the hairline, around the ear, and occasionally beneath the chin in such a fashion as to minimize visibility.  Limited incision facelifts may be an option for some patients as well.  Hair is not removed.  The procedure is typically performed under sedation with a local anesthetic avoiding recovery from a general anesthetic.  It is most commonly an outpatient procedure, although overnight facilities or home care nursing is available if one desires.

A dressing may be placed for a day or two and sutures are removed in about a week.  Dr. Wisnicki will advise you to take it easy, particularly during the first two weeks following surgery.  Most patients are back to non-strenuous activity and work within that time frame.

Surgery is scheduled at one of our affiliated certified outpatient centers in West Palm Beach or Wellington, Florida.  Medical clearances may be arranged through our office or your personal physician.

Additional treatments, such as fillers for volume replacement, may further enhance the final outcome of these procedures.   Addressing the underlying facial framework first with the face and necklift will provide for a more contoured youthful appearance.  While the aging process continues, you will be benefit from a time “reset”.

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