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Eyelid Surgery – Dr. Jeffrey Wisnicki, West Palm Beach, Florida

It is often said that the eyes are your windows to the world.  As we grow older, mother nature may start to pull down the shades.  Loss of skin elasticity may create the appearance of extra skin in your upper eyelids potentially creating cosmetic concerns and possibly even interfering with vision.  The lower eyelids may also show signs of aging with increasing puffiness due to fatty tissue bulging and skin wrinkling.

Blepharoplasty refers to the eyelid lift that can help address these concerns (being from the Greek referring to eyelid).   Upper blepharoplasty removes hanging, excess skin from the upper lids reducing the heaviness over the eyes thus giving them a more open appearance.  Lower blepharoplasty may alleviate puffiness below the eyes and tighten the lids.  Incisions blend in well with natural eyelid folds.

These procedures are performed under a local anesthetic with sedation allowing for a quick recovery.  Dr. Wisnicki will schedule your case at a certified outpatient center in Wellington or West Palm Beach, Florida.  Sutures are removed in five to seven days.  Most people return to non-strenuous work or activity in that time.


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