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Chin Augmentation Surgery at Florida

Chin augmentation or enhancement involves the placement of a specially designed implant, typically made of a nonreactive silicone material, under the skin and directly over the chin bone.   The goal is to achieve a greater balance of the individual’s facial features.  The implants come in a variety of sizes and Dr. Wisnicki will assess which may be most appropriate to create ideal harmony without a resulting surgical appearance.  These are generally placed through a small incision hidden in the crease under the chin.  The procedure is often performed in conjunction with submental liposuction (removal of fat beneath the chin) to achieve a more defined appearance of the chin-neck profile.

Chin implant placement (augmentation mentoplasty or chin enlargement) may be carried out at the same time as rhinoplasty (nosejob) or facial rhytidectomy (facelift and necklift) as the results of these procedures complement each other.  All of these outpatient procedures are performed by Dr. Wisnicki, usually under a local anesthetic with intravenous sedation, in one of our licensed surgery centers in the West Palm Beach or Wellington areas in Florida.

For those people wishing to avoid surgery, a double chin may be made to appear more in balance by reduction of fat tissue.  This can be accomplished through a series of injections by the recently introduced Kybella®, which is a natural bile product (deoxycholic acid) which breaks down fat by destroying the cell membranes.  A chin implant may then be placed at a later date if beneficial and the patient so chooses.

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