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Time, gravity, and weight loss can result in unattractive loose skin in the upper arms and inner thighs.  These areas can be tightened in an outpatient procedure with removal of the extra tissue.  An arm lift or brachioplasty addresses the hanging skin and flabby tissue that diet and exercise will not remedy (and may, in fact, cause).

The arm lift typically requires an incision which extends from the axilla or armpit almost to the elbow depending on the amount of skin requiring removal.  Based on the situation, shorter scars may accomplish the desired results.  The scar is located on the inner aspect of the upper arm to minimize visibility with the arm at rest.  Patients may return to non-exertional activity within a few days.

Draping skin of the inner thighs is pulled up to the inner groin and removed.  The resulting scars are typically within a bathing suit line.   In this fashion, the inner or medial thigh lift will help smooth and streamline contours.  Simultaneous liposuction may be beneficial in select patients.  Recovery may be more prolonged with care being taken to protect the surgical sites including limitation of pressure from sitting.

Dr. Wisnicki performs these procedures at one of our affiliated centers in West Palm Beach, Wellington, or Loxahatchee, Florida.

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