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Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty Florida The abdominoplasty may be better known as the “tummy tuck”, a procedure which will accomplish what diet and exercise often cannot.  Hanging or loose skin and fatty tissue may be the end result of pregnancy or weight loss and while it can affect any part of the body, it can make anyone particularly self-conscious of their stomach area.  It can interfere with both the ability and desire to wear certain clothing.  Our bathing suit culture here in Florida makes this a particular concern for many people.  Often the main component of the “mommy makeover”, the tummy tuck is frequently performed for men as well. Palm Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Wisnicki is very experienced with the different approaches to this procedure.  The individual’s anatomy and degree of tissue excess will guide him in advising the patient as to their needs.  A mini-abdominoplasty, with a more limited incision, may be adequate for some.  A modified abdominoplasty may address lower skin laxity without involving the umbilicus or belly button.  Patients with more extensive issues may require a more aggressive approach.  In these cases, muscle tightening is often done together with removal of loose skin and fat tissue.  Lower abdominal stretch marks may be eliminated in the process.  Additional contouring of other areas such as the hips may be achieved simultaneously with liposuction. Surgery is typically performed under sedation or a general anesthetic depending on its extent.  Recovery time depends on the extent of surgery but most people are back to light work within 10 to 14 days.  Most sutures are dissolving and do not require removal. Dr. Wisnicki will schedule your procedure in a certified surgery center safely located on hospital grounds in West Palm Beach, Wellington, or Loxahatchee, Florida.  Overnight stay arrangements are possible and are encouraged for more extensive approaches.  Patients will require a medical clearance which can be arranged through our office or provided by your personal physician.

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