Building Confidence – Palm Beach Illustrated

Building Confidence – Palm Beach Illustrated

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mag4From the July/August edition of
Palm Beach Illustrated…“Building Confidence”

Procedures enhance appearance and outlook

Many people consider having plastic surgery to eliminate unwanted bulges, lift areas where gravity and time have taken their toll, or enhance natural physical appeal. But according to Dr. Jeffrey L. Wisnicki, not only can cosmetic surgery improve your look, it may also improve your outlook.

“Hopefully it’s going to improve lives by enhancing self- confidence,” he says. “With the bulk of my patients, the transformation I see isn’t just a physical one. I think it helps people tremendously in how they feel about themselves, and often that reflects on how they project toward others.”

The confidence can translate to patients’ personal and professional lives, which is one reason cosmetic surgery has become popular among men as well as women. Wisnicki says liposuction, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), facelifts and breast augmentations are among his most common procedures.

In sculpting the body, Wisnicki uses the tumescent approach and ultrasonic liposuction to remove unwanted pounds. Abdominoplasty,   or tummy tucks,  prove effective for women who recently have given birth and have a hard time getting off extra weight, because it removes fat and excess skin while tightening the muscles underneath. Breast enhancement can include either enlargement, reduction or uplifting, depending on the individual.

The traditional facelift has given way to variations, allowing doctors to tighten tissue underneath while providing longer lasting results and better refinement of the jaw and neck lines. “One of my key goals, regardless of the procedure, is to give the most natural appearance possible. It’s a greatly enhanced appearance, but I don’t want people asking them where they had their plastic surgery,” he says. “If there’s any specialty that truly evokes the notion of the art and science of medicine, I think it’s plastic surgery.”

Patients have the option of either getting the surgery at the ultra-private licensed surgery center right next door to his office where he uses a board-certified anesthesiologist, or at the hospital.

Colleagues named Wisnicki as a physician they would want treating themselves or their families in the book Best Physicians in the U.S. and he has been included in both Marquis Who’s Who in American Medicine and Healthcare and Marquis Who’s Who in America two years in a row.

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