Tummy tucks,or Abdominoplasty Surgery is common for people who have experienced incredible weight loss. After losing excessive weight, especially in obese people, their skin loses elasticity and even withstrenuous exercise, the skin does not become firm or conform to their body. This is where an Abdominoplasty by Dr. Wisnicki at Advanced Cosmetic Center in West Palm Beach can help correct these after effects of extreme weight loss.

Make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Wisnicki at the Advanced Cosmetic Center to review the entire tummy tuck procedure, which entails the removingof excess skin and helping tighten up your abdominal muscles, and also removing stubborn pockets of fat that might still be present.After consulting with Dr. Wisnicki, you will need to have a medical clearance before following through with the procedure

One question that keeps coming up regarding AbdominoplastySurgery is,“must you have reached your ideal weight goal before having the surgery done?”  Many surgeons have different views regarding this question and in most situations, it is best to be within 10 – 15 pounds of the goal weight before having tummy tuck surgery performed.The more weight you lose, the more skin may need to be removed. One needs to remember that some pounds are lost while removing the fat and skin.

One should not consider this surgery as a solution to keep your weight down. Abdominoplasty can help to remove excess skin and obstinate fat, but you need to follow a healthy diet and follow an exercise plan after completing the surgery to prevent weight gain. By not following a healthy diet and exercise plan, final surgical results may be compromised.

Dr. Wisnicki at Advanced Cosmetic Center in West Palm Beach will review with you allimportant information regarding havingAbdominoplasty Surgery so that you are well informed and comfortable with all aspects of the procedure.The surgery is performed under general anesthesiawhich helps him complete the procedure effectively and quickly. Dr. Wisnicki will take great care during the anesthetic procedure to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  Incisions will then be made around your navel and along the lower bikini line, and the navel will be properly positioned. Any excess skin will be removed, and remaining skin is stitched together around the groin area.In some cases, he can suture muscles together or use liposuction to reduce any excess fat pockets in order to make your stomach appear more toned. You can discuss this with Dr. Wisnicki before having the procedure done.

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